I am an insights finder, strategist, and doer for tech and impact organizations.

I use my market research and communication skills to help businesses understand their position and their most potential directions to grow and to bring relevant partners to make it happen.


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About Me

<aside> 🙋🏻‍♀️ My name is Anggun, which means graceful. I go by she, her, hers.



<aside> 💙 I am passionate about tech for social impacts, and I deeply care about gender empowerment, the environment, and education technology.


<aside> 🌴 I am from a remote village in Indonesia where I had to climb down a mountain to go to school. I am incredibly grateful to be where I am (and to welcome you here!), and the child in me is always fascinated and she continues to dream BIG.


<aside> 🌏 I have been living, studying, and working in 5 countries, from the United States, South Korea, India, Germany to Argentina. Throughout this experience, I believe that I have built empathy, cultural sensitivity, and humility.

P.S. I am currently residing in Cambridge, MA.


<aside> 🥬 Beyond work, I love to cook delicious vegan dishes & host dinners for my friends. I bike around the city and along the coastline every weekend, and I occasionally boulder & rock climb.



Community Architect at Transcend Network Remote | 5/2021 - Present

I work as the Community Architect and Program Lead at Transcend Network, an accelerator with 200+ startup graduates who we’ve helped raise $160M+. As the first hire at Transcend, I've had the opportunity to take on many different roles and responsibilities, including creating the brand voice and design, running social media, leading the flow of fellowship admission cycles, managing the fellowship program, and creating engaging experiences for our community.

Research Analyst Intern at Radical Ventures

 Toronto, ON (Remote) | 11/2020 - 4/2021

Radical Ventures is a venture capital firm investing in entrepreneurs applying deep technology to transform massive industries, with a primary focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence. During my time at Radical, I focused on AI & health tech and had a chance to:

Business Consultant at Enovant

    Cambridge, MA | 5/2020 - 8/2020
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